Ms Steinerite




Hello! I am Ms Steinerite. I sing and play in tune with my guitar and piano. My musical interests stretch far and wide, from jazz, blues, acoustic, indie, hip hop, swing to soul. Harmony and vocals are what inspire me the most. I'm from an area where opportunity for performing in pubs and at parties are fruitful. DJing is something i do at night to local youth, most recently at the Boy Club in my town and a trip to Oxford University is in store for my DJing partner and I in a week. Past experiences have been plentiful; singing for a Hip hop group in the area, who were enjoyed by the 2000 people crowd at Nailstock 2007; my brother and i have produced tracks together in the past with the rapper Tom; and over the last years i have helped bring together a group of friends to jam with which was and still is an ongoing and successful project i happily take part in singing and playing the piano and guitar. Studying music and languages at college is what i'm focusing lots on at the moment along with singing in the Cathedral Choir. Recently i wrote lyrics to the Ms Dynamite tune about my rather wacky and wonderful Steiner School, which received unexpected attention from many Steiner communities. I plan to write more original tunes and perform more this year. Plenty of projects and goals around the corner! Ms Steinerite

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