Keyptown is a young band from Donetsk (Ukraine) which is characterized by contemporary sound, absorbing such musical styles as disco, funk and rock, richly flavored with electronic spices. Their songs are remarkable with catchy harmonies and vocal lines, they are easy to listen, so it’s easy to bring them to the audience. Keyptown music is suitable for listening in headphones as well as on a powerful audio system, because of density and brightness of the tone. And the people who visited the concerts of the group, are well known about band’s drive and energy during the "live" performances. So, if you want to discover new high-quality music, listen to Keyptown!

The song "Buddy", which became the band's first single, was written back in 2010 and from the moment of writing has undergone many changes. Two years later, the song was recorded in a "home" Keyptown studio and mixed in Kiev by a talented sound producer Andrey Shalomay.


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Buddy -
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