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American Bloomers is the union of three Los Angeles singer/songwriters who own their craft, creating a new sound that’s steeped in classic rock and folk harmonies. Loyal to a style of Authentic pop, the band tracked to two-inch tape, keeping live takes, first takes, and adding thoughtful overdubs. Their recently released debut EP, “Part One” has been embraced by music fans and critics alike.

The first single, “Never Had The Chance” is currently up for Best Vocal, nominated by the Hollywood Music and Media Association. With lyrics that echo of heartbreak and heart wake; they have a knack for illuminating those bittersweet subtle ironies of love, drugs and other relationships.

Premiering this July, the Bloomers have the title track in a PBS Medical Awareness special ‘My Future Baby’ which features their original song “Dream On Me”.

Characterized by three-part harmonies, the founders of American Bloomers are Jaime Wyatt, Jane Sheldon, and Jonathan Sheldon. 

For American Bloomers' reviews and more info: Press | American Bloomers


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