Today Im a postgrad music student with a tiny recording studio filled with second and thirdhand equipment. This past year Ive taught myself to use that equipment play the Bass develop a fanbase via social networking website development Performance Rights Organisations... and a host of other business side of music stuff... plus I still managed to write one new song a day... but did not record them all immediately... thats my goal for this year. I hope to improve my skills with the recording equipment by simply using it constantly... Hopefully you will like some of what you hear... I wrote sang and recorded every word. I hope to find a talented cowriter/producer to take my song ideas and transform them to modern genres... I tend to think in the Blues but thats the mother of hip hop/RnB/Soul/Rock etc... anyway.http://uk.linkedin.com/in/rhondamtaylor

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Santa Loves Chimneys -
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The First Night Alone -
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