Too long has indie rock gazed at its shoes desperate not to appear to be trying too hard. Forget that. Rev78 have a massive sound this is widescreen expansive heartfelt and follows in the tradition of Great British Rock music.Rev have a sensitive side too a lightness of touch and a gift for dynamics that give them a scope quite simply beyond the reach of many of their contemporaries. Spectral guitars weave a sonic web over a rock solid rhythm section which all supports the extraordinary vocal performances of Mr Teddy Quick. And Teddy doesnt so much wear his heart on his sleeve but lays his soul bare on the rocks for you all to see. His voice is supremely rich immensely powerful and utterly dynamic with the kind of chasmspanning range which has seem him already drawn with various stellar rock stalwarts including Morrisey Ian Curtis even Matt Bellamy...Rev78s eagerly anticipated forthcoming debut album Boy And The Blitz scheduled for release in April next year is a giant leap for the b

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Killing Me -
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Lullaby -
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