Arrow in the Sky




Formed from the ashes of folktronica ensemble Till the Morning Comes
bassist turned singer Conor McCauley returns from his Japanese exile to work once again with longtime collaborator Brian Murphy. Six months later and they would shape the new/ancient sound that was haunting
their heads into debut Ep Do What Thou Wilt.

Flash Forward a year and the duo are getting set to unleash their
sophomore EP, Winter's Requiem. The EP is a celebratory funeral mass,
a farewell to the past and a heartfelt greeting to the future.

The sound live can be likened to other harmony laden song driven
artists such as CSN and Simon Garfunkel or more contemporary artists such as My Morning Jacket Fleet Foxes and Bowerbirds. With an arsenal of traditional instruments doing very untraditional things strange and boundless vocals soaring then cascading AITS have created a world and sonic imagery all of their own. Weaving an aural tapestry of folk,
blues, alt-rock into their own unique blend of Irish-Americana.

Winter's Requiem is released from the first day of Spring, 01/02/10

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