……….so yeah I went to see this 4-piece rock band based in North London.

4 tall guys with looks emerging from a dirty rock album; they’re disillusioned by the lack of honesty compared with the amount of egos on the scene and aim to rectify this.

They have little cash and a tendency to crash into amps and fall over beer glasses and wine bottles on stage.

The bassist looks like a tall dark yeti with native American ancestry kicking out some kind of new wave
The drummer is a shy, precise, blue-eyed rumbling engine hidden under pounding waves of cadence the likes of which are usually found in a submarine torpedo exercise.
The guitarist, with looks straight out of a shampoo advert that went completely wrong; his eyes glazed, lost in a Ramones’ music video.
Lastly the singer: completely full of booze, unbalanced, with a style that’s a cross between Serge Gainsbourg, Kurt Cobain and Julian Casablancas but without any of the prestige. He seems totally possessed by the beat.

They appear to come straight out of a secret rock squat with no lights and no nonsense.

They have been likened to Joy Division, The Rakes, The Pixies, The Strokes and Noir Desir.

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