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mister ebby is a Galwegian pianist and songwriter whose debut album "Wires" successfully used a fundit campaign to enable his worldwide fanbase to pre-purchase the record and help fund the recording costs.

In 2011 he played the Cork Jazz Festival and album launch nights in Dublin and Cork amongst other live gigs. This summer he has a solo show in the Galway Fringe Festival, in addition to three shows in collaboration with new Galway based dance company, Off Beaten Path, as part of the same festival. 

The album sees his songs fleshed out with double bass, drums, and cello, in a twist on the piano jazz trio setup, featuring musical contributions from Aonghus Mac Amhlaigh on cello, Karl Hand on drums, George Guilfoyle on double bass.

Galway’s own Méadhbh Sullivan adds her sublime vocals to the mix, along with prizewinning storyteller Mrs Nellie Murphy who provides a spoken word performance on the track “Sanatorium”.

The crowd-funding project was the first successfully funded music project on Fundit.ie and had support from as far flung as Alaska and Sydney.

Multi-part harmonies and weaving vocal counter-melodies are a signature feature of ebby’s musical style where melodic, flowing lines contrast with big rich piano chords, yet always keeping the piano as a main focus.


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The Bliss Returns -
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Is This What They Call Romance -
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Sanatorium -
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Helen -
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Theme 4 -
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