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POPSCARS - The New Album from POP Scar

POPSCARS is the debut and eponymously entitled (well, almost!) CD from enigmatic performer POP Scar.

At times, bleak and sombre, at times, angry and provocative, at times wistful and witty, the songs on POPSCARS confront the modern themes of isolation, disenfranchisement, sadness, grief, loss and hope. With 12 tracks in all, POPSCARS is a record about life, about our personal and universal struggles with it and within it.

It is an album about masks.

POP Scar is himself a mask, an antithesis of fame, a nowhere man in a no man’s land. He is undisclosed, unidentified, unspecified, unsigned. A man among millions on any street, in any room anywhere - in a world away from the glare of TV cameras and flashlights.

The album draws on the talents of an eclectic and extensive assortment of poets, artists and musicians all of whom lend expression to the themes explored in the songs on POPSCARS.

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