Music Equipment Brands & Music Retailers

Welcome to TuneBreaker – the music vertical portal that is destined to discover the next raft of emerging artists that are going to break through the glass ceiling. We are doing this by setting up an international network of real TuneBreaker bases in every major country in the world and giving these artists REAL opportunity to be seen, heard and elevated to the next level….and we’d like to YOU join us on the ride!

Music Equipment Brands

Got new products that you want to promote and get REAL bang for bucks? Well TuneBreaker is the partner you have been searching for! We are connecting the very best emerging artists with the very best emerging artists nationally and internationally.

You will see on our site, we already have a number of Brands committed to supporting our aims. We’d love more of you to join us. TuneBreaker has already many country sites ( and we can help tailor a tie-in to suit your requirements.

We offer not just online promotion for you and your products but also we will take you on many tours with the very best of emerging artists on a country by country basis and you will also have top billing at our awards ceremonies, massive social network promotion as well as radio and more…

If you would like to know more please contact us at and we will send you a proposal document for your review.


Music Retailers

Want to shift gear to artists and performers? Then read on…

We are sculpting tours for the best emerging artists from each country backed with local PR and marketing. We will use music venues from all corners of each territory…AND we want to use YOU to be a part of these..If your outlet is big enough we would LOVE for you to host one of the dates on each tour..If not join us in organising a gig with a local venue. This is a great way to introduce fantastic offers to a closed audience of musicians and music lovers….so contact us without delay on and we will get right back in touch with you!

Our tours will continue through the year so plenty of opportunity to have a fixed monthly event!

WAIT THERE IS MORE…NOT ONLY THAT, want to promote on our site, well just get in touch and we will create fantastic promotional spaces online and issue newsletters and flyers to our THOUSANDS of artists globally or nationally..the choice is yours!

Really looking forward to having you join the TuneBreaker Global Music Community!