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Dear Artists & Fans,

WELCOME to our brand new and acclaimed platform!!

The TuneBreaker Registration and Upload Centre is NOW open for Business!

Unsigned & Independent Artists from all over the world are now signing up to receive promotion, elevation and much more to help them in their careers. If you are not involved yet, come and join us now!

Whilst we are doing the GB & Ireland TuneBreaker Awards, there is still great opportunity for artists from other countries to get seen and heard.

you can check the prizes and opportunities that are on offer for the UK & Ireland Awards here. Don’t forget. ALL artists get half the revenue of all their sales!

Artists are able to see how they fare against the best competition via our unique & innovative TuneBreaker Live Charts™.

Artists can advertise themselves through Tunebreaker and gain many new fans globally!
The world’s music & media companies also look in and take real interest in Tunebreaker – Why? Because the TuneBreaker Live Charts™ are real! 

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Sound too good to be true? Well here’s some FAQ’S to help you to!

1.What is TuneBreaker?
We are iTunes, The Grammy’s and Facebook put together! Through Tunebreaker, We give unsigned & independent artists globally, the best, most secure, FREE online space, to elevate themselves to the global music industry & media.
We are here for music’s sake, so there aren’t any irrelevant ads on Tunebreaker, its just focused on MUSIC!

2.Who can enter?
Any unsigned or independent artist, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. You can upload as many tracks as you have in MP3 format ONLY please, a photo in jpeg format (800×600), your biog & some other info, that will be commercially released all over the world to the global Music companies, & media.
We do not ask for your exclusive rights, you can enter for free to win fabulous cash prizes and come and go as you please. But why would you want to leave when Tunebreaker is dedicated to pleasing YOU!

3.What’s the catch and what about the money?
NONE! We mean that. TuneBreaker is free to enter – Artists get £0.15p plus copyright (if Artists are the composers) from all sales (priced at £0.60p per track). Along with other methods of voting, each sale carries a number of votes which will help your fav. artist climb our chart and in the frame to win one of our Tunebreaker awards! Please check out our Voting structure here.

But wait there’s more, Tunebreaker also donates a % of all sales to charity (check out the War Child charity

4.Why do media companies look into the TuneBreaker Live Charts™?
The answer is simple – artists in the chart are getting a lot of attention AND selling music! All downloads via TuneBreaker are legal and actually go towards getting YOU, elevated to the Global Music Industry AND in the Tunebreaker Live Chart™. Fans as well as the music industry also disover great new acts music & trends that is as fresh as it comes. So why sell anywhere else?
From our recent awards, artists that got to the top of the Tunebreaker Live Charts™ were greatly exposed to the Media, and are developing careers in music!

We are building a new industry of music here at TuneBreaker – putting the artistic horse before the commercial cart.

000′s of Unsigned & Independent artists have already signed up, and are having a blast, promoting and getting paid to sell their music on Tunebreaker, with other licensing opportunities possible too.
So why not join them and us in this great new music community!

You can register here
Please pass this link on to any unsigned & independent artist you know around the world or any other music fan by clicking here

We hope you will join us and the growing band of followers TuneBreaker has around the world.

Also: follow @tunebreaker for all the news on the chart update, who’s who, movers and shakers, name checks, gossip the & the answers to anything you need to know about TuneBreaker