Award News!

Important Info Regarding the TuneBreaker  GB & Ireland Award – Start Date TBA

 Welcome to the GB & Ireland TuneBreaker Award 2013

This brand new award kicks off on the 18th November 2012. All GB & Irish unsigned & Independent Artists who are 13* and above  (not signed to a major record company) can enter for Free!

*Any Artists resident in GB or Ireland who are 13-17 must have Parents or Guardian’s approval to enter.

Here is how it will all roll out:

New Award Rollout

The TuneBreaker Britain & Ireland Award commences online in Mid-MARCH 2013 will roll out as follows (all dates TBC):

Mid-MARCH 2013: Soft launch of the award to all registered artists on and

21/28th MARCH 2013: A Media Launch Party at a London Venue will be held. Invitees will be selected high profile artists that wish to support the project, music journalists, bloggers & reporters from all music media (both on and offline), and other industry executives, in areas of the industry that can help raise awareness, e.g. agents, managers, promoters.

The evening will also include music from TuneBreaker artists and also via Audio Visual link,WITH TuneBreaker’s 2012 Global winners, Californian based group, “American Bloomers” and others.

(Since winning the TuneBreaker 2012 Global Award, over 100 radio stations have added American Bloomers music to rotation and more and more gigs are coming their way. American Bloomers, we hope, can join the UK tour, and headline the Awards Ceremony itself).

25th April 2013: An interim prize will be offered to the No1 artist in the TuneBreaker Chart on Christmas Day, which will also include post award opportunities.

14th May 2013: The chart will close and the winners announced.

15-25th May 2013: A promo video will be shot with the winners by acclaimed Big Movie script writer and Film Director Manuel de Teffe, and promoted through all media to include Manuel’s blog in a renowned L.A newspaper and in Argentina, with over 1 million readers ( ).

25th May-20th June 2013: A 10-15 date UK tour will be launched for the winners of the TuneBreaker Britain & Ireland Award winners, and other acts selected (these will  be TuneBreaker artists who are local to each venue) . This tour will be supported by local radio and press, and a number of other radio stations that wish to follow the award and post award events.

Week Commencing 25 June: A grand Awards Ceremony will take place at an appropriate venue in London. This will be attended by major artists, celebrities & industry executives, and other significants.

We are in discussion regarding a TV broadcast of same. The evening will be of music by the TuneBreaker winning artists and some Guest artists. Ticket pricing is TBC.

All TuneBreaker artists will also be supported after the Awards ceremony, by TuneBreaker and parthers offering more gigs tours and Festivals throughout 2013.

All these artists will continue to show TuneBreaker as the real music community, and will also help to fuel promotion of the next Award and tour.

This award will start a series of awards in Britain & Ireland to continue the energy created and these new awards will give new artists the opportunity to elevate themselves. Other awards will also begin in different counties of the world.


1. It is important that you keep pushing as all votes are carried through and all votes received from selection to the final stage will also count

2. If you are unlucky not to reach the final stages, don’t give up as we will be announcing new opportunities before the end of this current award for your benefit!

Artists: please read to maximise your opportunity to make it to the Final stage.

TuneBreaker will announcing some significant promotional opportunities for ALL acts very soon – so keep tuned in!

If you think it is too late to get involved think again – there is never any cut off point to join TuneBreaker – it’s Free so all there upside!

Please send this note to any artists that you know who might be interested..they just go here and they in the award!

Best of luck – any queries please send to technical@  and  – our tech folk are here to help!

The TuneBreaker Team