The Awards

New Awards Announcement!!

The TuneBreaker UK &Ireland Awards 2013 will open SOON!!

Sign Up now and avoid the Rush!


Calling all unsigned and independent Artists everywhere in UK & Ireland!

This is an Awards you can’t afford to miss!

Read below to discover more about the TuneBreaker Awards, or to go straight to registration, click here!


10 Great Reasons Why Artists Should Join The TuneBreaker Platform and Enter the Awards!

1. For this awards, we are giving out 2 – yes 2 awards.

The first is the TuneBreaker Award for the act at the top of the charts at the closing date in February 2013. This act will receive £1000 plus other amazing opportunities! Need we say more?

The second Award is the TuneBreaker Award as voted by a panel for the most “promising” act it sees in the TuneBreaker Live Chart(TM). They will take into account many factors, songwriting, music, videos, promotion on TuneBreaker, everything.

Remember, you can only be eligible if you are registered and have a full TuneBreaker profile.

Who knows what doors may open for you with them!!

Check the full list of prizes and opportunities here!

2. All you have to do, is to upload as many of your tracks as you want, ( you need to add at least 2) to enter the Tunebreaker Awards.You can also bundle your tracks when you’re selling them (like albums). Votes per track remain the same.

3. It’s FREE to upload & enter! At NO point will we ask you for any money. 13+ entry level – U18′s need parental consent.

4. Entirely Global Fan base! Fans have 4 ways to vote for you including downloads. Your tracks can be bought by anyone, anywhere, for the fixed price of £0.60per track (Roughly $1 USD)

5. Each track sold earns YOU money. You get £0.15 ($0.25 USD) back per track sold! Plus music copyright (if not a cover) (*Seriously competitive return!)

6. The innovative and amazing TuneBreaker Live Chart™ shows you exactly how you’re doing against other acts, as soon as it happens!

7. Along side all of this – with each track sold – a minimum of 1p goes to our designated charity!

8. YOU keep ALL of your rights.

9. The TuneBreaker Award is completely transparent and we have already completed 3 awards and paid out £, 000′s!!

10. We also give you badges & posters, so that your profile links to ALL of your social network pages and websites (again for FREE)!

We give the equivalent of £1.80 (Roughly $3.00 USD) on a 12 track album – ALOT more than ANY record label or iTunes would ever give you. iTunes return based on £0.09 revenue from a £0.79 sale / $0.15 USD from a $1.28 sale.

See More News here!



You don’t have to sign-up to preview music – but if you do, here are a few Great Reasons Why you should sign up!

1. Direct deeper connection with artists through their profile pages, including info on next gigs and events.

2. Discover new music, new artists & new trends with our quick and easy search utility, and the fun Tag Cloud.

3. Directly support your favourite artists by the various voting methods including buying their tracks and watch them climb the Tunebreaker Live Charts™ – WARNING: it is both addictive and compelling!

4. Prizes and Ticket giveaways!

(Yes! Completely free! All you need to do is register as a fan, Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter at

5. Vote for your favorite artists by FB likes, Following on Twitter, Streaming music, and downloads,(see voting). No £1.50 phone calls for votes!

6. All of our tracks cost £0.60 ($1 USD) and with downloads carrying the most votes will raise your favourite artists higher through the Live Tunebreaker Charts™.

7. Each sale donates a % amount of money to our chosen charity War Child!

8. You’ll have proper fun!!