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Hi! You will have hopefuly had a chance to review your artist and other pages, or if you haven’t uploaded your information and content yet, would have reviewd some that already have. Whilst we are very proud of the simplicity and structure we always love constructive feedback to evolve this site.
Also What you,the artist, and all you music fans have to say is very important to us. So, if you have any ideas or comments, then please contact us using the drop down menu to select artist or fan feedback. Many thanks.The TuneBreaker Team.

Please always use the Contact Form (found on each page) to contact the TuneBreaker team:

Important Note re: Technical Issues

If your query is of a technical issue, please remember that the more detail you give us – the quicker we can help. If at all possible, please upload a screenshot and send us the URL. This is to ensure your request can be dealt with as quickly as possible!